Editorial, 15 December: Twirling tassles and saucy smiles

- 15 December 2012

As my old yoga teacher used to say (and Heraclitus 2,500 years earlier), the only constant factor in life is change. And it’s certainly all change here – this venerable publication is about to unveil untold wonders. At the risk of following in the footsteps of legendary striptease artist Gypsy Rose Lea, I am going to do no more here than twirl a tassle, strut my stuff and do a saucy smile. Suffice to say that over coming weeks you will be offered a spanking new website, a greatly improved news service, and a whole lot of other delights. The thinking behind it is to provide a more comprehensive facility for all our readers.

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One Response to “Editorial, 15 December: Twirling tassles and saucy smiles”

  1. Rachel Creaser says:

    Being at the helm of a great magazine for 20 years is a fantastic achievement ‒ glad to hear Mr Clarke won’t be going far. Perhaps CM will be reviewing an accordion album of Keith’s in the near future!

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