The Berlin Philharmonic’s digital concert hall

- 2 September 2013

Ever tried getting an orchestra in the sitting room? The Berlin Philharmonic has visited 1.5 million people in their homes through a ground-breaking online project that is now celebrating its first five years. Keith Clarke visits the Digital Concert Hall

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One Response to “The Berlin Philharmonic’s digital concert hall”

  1. Robert Perschmann says:

    Berlin Philharmonic digital concert hall comments: I have wanted such a thing for 25 years… long before HD TV. The planet is nothing without art. I have a new super HD TV and I have lobbied PBS for more arts and I buy a lot of blu-ray. Yesterday I discovered the Berlin Phil. online and I am in disbelief. It is incredible. Full HD… fantastic sound… and the archives plus live. I can’t believe it. Is there… more of this kind of thing? I don’t know a single arts lover who has looked at a real HD TV. They have no clue.

    Okay, I did not read the article… but I will. I am not a subscriber, but I will.
    Thank you for writing about it. -from Minnesota USA Sept 9, 2013

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