PPL announces increase in income despite declining record sales

- 10 June 2013

PPL, the UK-based organisation which licenses recorded music played in public, has revealed an increase in its income by 11% to £170.8m, despite a tough market and declining CD sales.

‘While the sale of CDs may be in decline, the public’s appetite for listening to music, and its overall use, continues to rise,’ the PPL reported.

The organisation, whose membership includes 65,000 performers and 10,000 owners of recording rights, increased revenues across the broadcasting and online, public performance and international sectors. Growth in the last was mainly through increasing the number of countries in which it has gained recognition.

Nearly 22,OOO members gained international revenues ‒ an increase of 15% over the previous year ‒ and 1,690 others benefited from PPL gaining Qualified status from the US Internal Revenue Service.

Work with regional organisations to increase awareness of public performance rights led to a ‘significant increase’ of 18% in PP licence revenue.

‘One of the consequences of the digital age is the creation of thousands of new small businesses producing music as either record companies, performers, or increasingly as both. This is reflected in the continuing growth of PPL.’

The PPL classical chart, based on airplay and public performance, was topped by Vangelis’ Chariots of Fire, reflecting the 2012 Olympics, with Einaudi accounting for five of the top 20.

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